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Piano buyers should avoid high pressure sales tactics – Buying a Piano may not be necessary!

Shopping for Albany used piano can be overwhelming! However, if you are just starting out with piano shopping, don’t let yourself be pressured into hurrying. The needs and concerns of first-time buyers are often in conflict with the advice they receive during shopping. How can you avoid feeling pressured into making a decision that is not right for you? To answer that question, let us examine the mindsets of some piano buyers. For this article, I will use Jim Forte as my reference.

Typical Piano Shopping Concerns

The Fortes would like their children learn how to play piano. However, unlike most parents, they are nervous about spending too much on a piano before they can see how their kids will do with lessons. If they want their children be successful, however, they recognize that a toy keyboard or a cheap piano aren’t the right solution.

I have sold many pianos in Phoenix over the years and met many parents willing to purchase a high-quality musical instrument for their children. However they wanted to see measurable progress before they wrote that huge check to the piano store. But, despite how much it may make sense to parents in theory, the reality of piano sales is that this is not the thing most piano dealers want.

In my day job selling pianos, I was expected to convince people that they could buy “right then” even though they weren’t mentally ready. There had to be a better approach. But that was how it worked back then. Either you sold, or you starved. Unfortunately, the outdated marketing philosophy leads to thousands upon thousands of pianos left in squalor, unused for longer than a couple of weeks. This is exactly what prospective piano purchasers fear.

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