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Personal Injury Lawyers Society

It’s not hard to see that personal injury lawyers have a bad reputation. We’ve all heard the jokes and stereotypes about “ambulance chasing” attorneys: that they take advantage of vulnerable individuals for their own personal gain, that they chase ambulances looking fee for personal injury attorneys to make a quick buck, and that they will do anything to get paid.

These stereotypes are false and harmful to our legal system. People should look to the legal system in times of need. Truth be told, most injury attorneys assist their clients in getting the compensation they deserve. Accident lawyers are the first choice for people who are injured in a car accident, personal injuries, or from a defective product.

These negative stereotypes are a result of a number of factors. These stereotypes are mostly influenced by insurance companies’ tort reform agenda. Many TV shows, news and movies portray lawyers in the worst possible light. They are often greedy and vindictive. Danny DeVito is an excellent example. He is an incompetent attorney who often visits hospitalized patients to gain business.

The negative stereotypes are also reflected in lawyer ads. Many ads suggest that lawyers are greedy and will convince clients that an attorney is necessary to help them recover millions of money in even the most basic of injury cases. The ads make it seem that the client is judged on how much they have received in settlements, rather than as a person. But these money hungry lawyers are rare. Many personal injury attorneys don’t view their clients as food stamps.

Injuries lawyers not only assist their clients in their time and help them to live in safety, but they also make sure that the society is safe. People and companies that have been negligent are aware of the possibility of being sued for civil damages. Personal injury lawyers also have to ensure that safety regulations and laws are in place for the protection of the public. These laws were established in response to dangerous negligence and ensure that people remain safe when using products designed and manufactured to be safe.

It’s easy to see how people can believe negative things about lawyers who handle personal injury cases. Lawyers aren’t good for themselves, and one bad apple can spoil the entire group. Unfortunately, although you will almost always hear about an immoral attorney who took their client’s money, you rarely hear about any positive actions taken by attorneys for their clients. These include working pro bono to support causes that they believe in, and reducing their fees to ensure their clients get justice. Some injury lawyers can be greedy and selfish, but the majority of them are passionate advocates for their clients and care deeply about their clients’ rights.

It is not often recognized that insurance companies and corporations are the main pushers behind these negative stereotypes. They hope to exploit these bad public images to benefit themselves. They say that lawyers representing injury victims and their clients are antagonists who are looking to win a lawsuit lottery. The attorneys, however, are trying to make a profit from their client’s misfortunes. To do what we do takes dedication and hard work. Many attorneys choose to work with injured people to help others.

Everyone will encounter a time in life where they have to consider hiring a personal attorney. You don’t have to go it alone. There are many injury lawyers out there who will fight for your rights. You are not a billable hour for your lawyers. Personal injury lawyers should treat you with respect.