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Moldavite – Emerald Gem of The Galactic Heart

Each stone and crystal is unique and magical. They have certain energies and properties that resonate with us individually and also during times when we need their support energy. Moldavite, an extraordinary and powerful stone, shares the same hues and vibrancy as the Heart Chakra. It also has the new energies of today.

Let’s explore the unique characteristics of this precious gemstone. Moldavite, a tektite, is a mysterious grouping of glassy objects that was formed from a meteor impact with Earth almost 15 million years ago (14.8). It was believed to have fallen from heaven only once, at the Moldau River Valley in Czechoslovakia. These green gems can only be found in the Czech Republic. They are rarer than rubies, diamonds and emeralds, making them a bit more expensive. They have been prized by people for thousands of years and are still being given as gifts to the royals. Legend has it that Moldavite is associated with the Stone of the Holy Grail. This “emerald” was said to have fallen from the heavens and is a talisman that heals the Earth. It also has the ability to speed up one’s spiritual growth and inner development. Moldavite’s energy is unbelievably powerful, even for those who aren’t usually sensitive to the energies from stones.

Moldavite can be worn or held in a variety of ways. It can cause heat flashes and radiating heat, which can be felt not only by the wearer but also those around them, energy jolts and vibrations throughout their day. You shouldn’t play with it though as the vibrations are so strong that one can feel quite drained. Your vibrational energy will quickly catch up to it.

Moldavite is an effective Chakra activator and opener. It resonates with the Crown, Heart, 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras. Its energy will initially move to the areas that are most important in the physical and the etheric bodies. However, it will eventually settle down and center in your heart.