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Self Storage – Operations & Management

People mistakenly assume self storage is simple to manage. In the past, this was true. However, today it isn’t brilliant storage. Market is now using highly-technical and sophisticated facilities because of its increased competitive nature. This increased management requirements, which are directly connected to the management of facilities. Management places a high value on the training and recruitment of their employees. Modern management techniques and the wide usage of computer programs in self-storage industry have led to management having to expand their reach to offer best customer service.

Managers have a lot of experience in understanding the laws that govern the operation of the unit, including managing accounts, managing auctions, withdrawing money, and state laws governance. Professionally trained managers are available in today’s market. They have extensive experience in sales, servicing and marketing, maintenance, accounting, computer operating, and even maintenance. They are crucial to the success of a business. Mini storage management has seen rapid growth in the self storage industry. These companies may be owned by multiple owners. One management company may manage client facilities under a common brand. It is responsible for training, hiring and supervising facility managers. These activities include developing projects, reports and payrolls, paying accounts, customer invoices, and other management activities. The self storage industry knows that the primary markets are residents and families who move from one place to the next.

Different responsibilities are held by self storage managers. They have responsibility for the facility’s management, maintenance (daily/monthly), assemblages, security and improvements, sales, customer services, site inspections and auctions, recruiting and motivating staff, and maintaining a progressive discipline at the site. Management expects to have a broad skill set, including customer service, legal responsibility, telephone etiquette, and operational essentials. They will need to be able manage their markets, set rental rates and concessions, handle media, and also have an in-depth knowledge of online marketing.